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  • Review: Amazon Fire TV

    There are many reviews of the fire TV out there, so why one more? I’ll be trying to compare the fire TV to the devices I usually use for my own TV use which is slightly different from the typical reviewer: I won’t be comparing the fireTV to the Roku or the Apple TV: these […]

  • 10 Essential Apps for your Android Smart TV (2014 Edition)

    Around the same time last year I wrote a suggestions of 10 “must-have” apps for Android Smart TV  (a.k.a Android dongles used to make your TV a smart TV – that includes the MK802 III which we reviewed here). The article was extremely popular, and, although the suggestions are still valid, I feel like it […]

  • Review: Cloudnet Go CR11/S – Quad Core android TV Box

    The Cloudnet Go CR11/S is one of the many Quad Core TV Boxes available out there, running Android. I’ve stated several times that those cheap low-consumption computers are the best way to make a Smart TV out of your dumb TV. I’ve reviewed several of these quad cores in the past (including the MK802 IV […]

  • Make any Android dongle a Chromecast with this awesome app

    A few weeks ago when Chromecast was released, I claimed that the device in itself was not revolutionary, only the DIAL protocol was. You can read about it here. Sebastian Mauer, the creator of the Cheapcast Android app, proves me right. Several weeks ago, I said, and I quote: I don’t really see what would […]

  • Review: MK702 II Air Mouse

    For those who don’t know Rikomagic yet, they are the company behind the MK802 series, mini computers running android that allow you to turn any TV into a smart TV. They also sell accessories for computers, and when I bought their MK802 IV, (my review here), they also suggested the MK702 II remote controller/ air […]

  • Review of the Rikomagic MK802 IV (Quad Core Android HDMI Mini PC)

    The MK802 series are mini computers the size of a usb key running Android, that connect to your TV with an HDMI cable. This turns your TV into a smart TV for a minimal cost and at an extremely low power consumption. These Mini PCs can be used as HD Media Players, retro gaming consoles, […]

  • Tronsmart MK908: Quad Core Android HDMI sticks are here!

    We mentioned a few weeks ago the upcoming MK802 IV from Rikomagic, which promised a Quad Core set top box for your TV. Although, and we’ve said it many times, we’re super satisfied with the mk802 III, we’d also be happy to see what a better CPU can bring us.

  • Watching Netflix outside of the US: comparison of Unblock-US with a traditional VPN

    Note: This article is comparing the performance of Unblock-US versus a traditional VPN to watch Netflix outside of the US. If you are looking for a tutorial to set up Unblock-US on your device, check this page. A while ago we suggested that people who live outside of the US should get a VPN, in […]

  • 10 “Must Have” Apps for your Android Smart TV

    After a few months of using my MK802 III to turn my HD TV into a great smart TV, I’ve tried many Android apps to make my smart TV the best possible experience for me. Some of the apps I tried did not satisfy me, some others I’ve stuck with for a few months and […]

  • Review: Rikomagic MK802 III

    The MK802 series are Mini computers the size of a USB key, that plug in to the HDMI port of your HD TV, and make it a smart TV. I’ve owned an MK802 Clone for the past 6 month, and this has become my main multimedia device at home since the day I got it. […]