how to watch amazon instant video in Australia

I’ve recently switched from Netflix to Amazon Instant video. My switch was mostly motivated by the fact that I moved to the US and could get much more value from Amazon Prime than from NEtflix, for a similar price.

However, Amazon Prime is still a good value outside of the US, with free access to music and movies, even if you remove the 2-day free shipping. Of course though, Amazon block access from outside the US with geolocation.

It is however possible to watch Amazon prime from outside the US, including of course Australia or Canada.

So, how to watch Amazon Prime from Australia?

The system I’ve been using for years, unblock-us, not only works for Netflix, but also works for Amazon Prime (Amazon Instant Video). This is a paid service ($4.99/mo), but they have a free trial which lets you give it a try for a week to decide if the service works for you or not, and I have found that it was really worth it for me, back when I was in Japan. I’ve used it for both Netflix and Amazon Instant video, and it worked perfectly well,

What unblock-us does is mask your IP to services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, to make them believe you’re in the US. For Amazon, this lets you watch Amazon Instant video from Australia or Canada, as well as getting access to Amazon Prime music.

The service is perfectly legal, but of course it does not give you free access to Amazon Prime! You’ll first need an Amazon Prime subscription, and I describe how this is done if you don’t have a US credit card, here.

So, there are really two steps to watching Amazon Instant video from Australia:

  1. Get an Amazon Prime subscription if you don’t already have it. Our trick explains how you can subscribe from outside the US.
  2. Subscribe to the unblock-us free trial and configure your computer/PS4/PS3/tablet/etc… to access the internet through unblock-us’s DNS. We explain in the following articles how it’s done for a variety of devices:
  3. Reboot your device, and enjoy!