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Did you find this secret website in the Ghostbusters trailer?

Hey fellows, watch the new ghostbusters trailer closely, it give out a link to a “secret” website about the upcoming 2016 Ghostbusters movies. In the trailer, there’s a scene showing a whiteboard with a bunch of fake mathematical formulas on the board. One of the formulas reads: [Pa/RA (NO * RM) alS + UDIes/Lab]com  


Hola VPN under fire: Hola VPN Selling users’ bandwidth as botnet

What is Hola VPN “Free”? You might have heard about Hola VPN, a decentralized system that allows its users to bypass geolocation blocks (I personally use and advocate for unblock-us). It’s not unusual for Internet users to want to watch services that are blocked in their countries: spotify, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, sometimes even youtube


First Episodes of Game Of thrones Season 5 leaked online, expected to be downloaded millions of times before HBO’s premiere

This is a blow for HBO, mere hours before Game of Throne’s highly awaited Season 5 premiere, the first four episodes of the show have been leaked online. According to Torrentfreak, the leaked episodes have been downloaded more than 100’000 times less than 3 hours after the leak, and are expected to be downloaded millions


10 awesome movies & shows available on Netflix Canada, that you wish you had on Netflix US

Yesterday I wanted to watch Netflix Canada because I wanted to show “Batman : The animated series” to my young son. A quick change in my unblock-us settings, and we were watching the show on my PS4. I have been regularly switching to Netflix France recently, because my son enjoys “Tintin”, and because Netflix France


Amazon releases the Fire TV

With the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon the world’s largest e-shop, stepped into the realm of set top boxes. Media streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus and Amazon’s own Prime Instant Video are becoming more and more popular by the day. The Amazon Fire TV is the company’s solution for streaming a large


Make any Android dongle a Chromecast with this awesome app

A few weeks ago when Chromecast was released, I claimed that the device in itself was not revolutionary, only the DIAL protocol was. You can read about it here. Sebastian Mauer, the creator of the Cheapcast Android app, proves me right. Several weeks ago, I said, and I quote: I don’t really see what would


Tronsmart MK908: Quad Core Android HDMI sticks are here!

We mentioned a few weeks ago the upcoming MK802 IV from Rikomagic, which promised a Quad Core set top box for your TV. Although, and we’ve said it many times, we’re super satisfied with the mk802 III, we’d also be happy to see what a better CPU can bring us.


The mk802 IV: Rikomagic announces the 4th Generation of the mk802 series

If you’ve come to this site before, you know we are big fans of the mk802 series from Rikomagic, in particular the mk802 III, which is currently the device I currently use to make my regular HD TV a smart TV. These smart TV Android sticks feature an HDMI port, super low consumption CPUs, and

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