Did you find this secret website in the Ghostbusters trailer?

Hey fellows, watch the new ghostbusters trailer closely, it give out a link to a “secret” website about the upcoming 2016 Ghostbusters movies. In the trailer, there’s a scene showing a whiteboard with a bunch of fake mathematical formulas on the board. One of the formulas reads: [Pa/RA (NO * RM) alS + UDIes/Lab]com



And guess what… paranormalstudieslab.com is a real thing. Check it out. The site contains “information” about ghosts and ghostbusters equipment, pretty cool stuff such as ghost traps, proton packs, or even the ECTO-1 car.


That’s at approximately 1:04 in the trailer by the way, for those wondering.

Well played!
Well played!

The full trailer below:

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