Month: March 2015

  • Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review; The Small Speaker That Packs a Punch

    I’ve had these speakers for a while now but finally got the chance to use them to their full potential this week. and they really surprised me.

  • how to watch amazon instant video in Australia

    I’ve recently switched from Netflix to Amazon Instant video. My switch was mostly motivated by the fact that I moved to the US and could get much more value from Amazon Prime than from NEtflix, for a similar price. However, Amazon Prime is still a good value outside of the US, with free access to […]

  • How to do tethering with the ZTE Zinger

    Note (2015/03/19): Today only, the application we mention in this article, “EasyTether”, is Free on the Amazon Appstore. Get it now! We like to talk about non TV related stuff once in a while on this site, and today we’re going to talk about a particular smartphone, the ZTE Zinger. The ZTE Zinger is one […]

  • Turn TV into Smart TV: the 2015 guide

    Turn TV into Smart TV: the 2015 guide

    A couple years ago we started this website with the intent of helping people who want to turn their TV into a smart TV. I was myself looking for a perfect answer to that question. I have found the setup that matches my needs (for now, it’s a cloudnet go CR13 box connected to my […]

  • My TV is not an HD TV, how do I make it HD?

    This guide is for people who have an “old school” analog TV and are looking for ways to make it compatible with HD signals. You cannot “turn a non HD TV into an HD TV” because of the physical limitations of your TV’s screen, but you can use converters to make HD signal compatible with […]

  • how to subscribe to Amazon Prime outside of the US

    Amazon Prime has been progressively beefing up their digital offering, and the service is much more than just 2 day free delivery nowadays. The service has become quite interesting even for people who are not physically located in the US. Unfortunately, Amazon have been restricting prime subscriptions to people with a US credit card… until […]