Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review; The Small Speaker That Packs a Punch

I’ve had these speakers for a while now but finally got the chance to use them to their full potential this week. and they really surprised me.

Although this isn’t what you’d normally see on here, I just have to tell you about them because they are brilliant, as you saw, I’ve got 2 of these speakers, that’s because you are able to pair them together and use them in stereo.

Setting one speaker to ‘L’ and the other to ‘R’ puts them into pairing mode, after a while they pair, and turning them on again later they will pair together instantly.

The company that makes these, HDMX, specialise in wireless audio and have a variety of different ‘JAM’ products on their website, many of which haven’t made it abroad unfortunately, I can’t vouch for any of their speakers, but if the Jam Plus is anything to go by, I’m sure they’re top notch.

I originally bought my first speaker for a whopping £50 in the departure lounge on my way to America, obviously unable to test it to it’s fullest extent in a store, although I was impressed with it of the initial test and used it a few time when playing it in the house while in America. The second one, I bought on Ebay for £20.

The speaker itself is a pretty snazzy looking thing, with few buttons on the front, makes for a minimalistic and effective design, although the only thing that annoys me slightly is the no ‘skip’ button, but you’re using your phone to control it and you’re too far away from it anyway, but it would still come in handy.

The packaging is pretty cool, coming with a small microUSB charging cable, and a quick start guide (both have which been lost by me) in a cool little jar, here’s a photo I’ve found online of what it looks like:

Thanks, Droidhorizon!

You can use the above jar as a case, but as for an official case, they don’t exist, unfortunately, my ones I just chuck in my bag and have had no problems with that. When it comes to connectivity, this is something that impressed me. Although it says ‘up to 10m/30ft’ on the case, I was able to walk around a full indoor basketball court, and have a solid connection at all times, for reference, an indoor basketball court is 32x21m/94x50ft and the two were tucked away in a corner of that room. The speakers range in a house, is less impressive for obvious reasons, still reaches pretty far, to the point where you could probably reach the other side of a normal sized house/flat, You’ll know when it starts to go though as the music gets jumpy and continually cuts out.


You know when you listen to a new speaker and you’re just shocked at how nice it sounds? Well that’s what happened when I used it properly for the first time, I first listened to Prayer in C, which was crystal clear and I can no longer listen to it on my phone speakers, nor my laptop speakers, as it doesn’t sound as clear and is now slightly painful to listen to.

Battery life?

Not too bad; I have one of my speakers next to my gaming chair, so I can have it connected to my laptop while using it (Like I am now!). It’s been on and off a few times for the past couple days, in 40 minutes – 2 hour bursts, so it lasts quite a while, although it’s only listed as a 4 hour playtime, lower volumes and having it connected via 3.5 jack will extend the battery life further – I used my portable charger when having them both paired, and full volume to keep them charged and not just turning off unexpectedly, which only happened once.

It obviously uses Micro-USB, so you’ll never be too far away from a charging point!

As far as using one goes, it is definitely adequate for your house/flat/picnic and everyone will be impressed with it, especially at its budget price, doing a bit of cooking in the kitchen while having my Spotify playlist going in the front room is really nice.

Here’s links to the Amazon page, they come in a variety of different colours:

UK – GreyBluePink

US – GreyBluePink

The Good

  • Speaker quality is top-notch
  • Looks nice
  • Easy to transport
  • Battery

The Bad

  • No skip button on the speaker


The Ugly

  • Nothing

If none of this can convince you, take a look at the Amazon reviews!

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