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Review: Cloudnet Go CR13 – Ultra HD Quad Core Android TV Box – The perfect XBMC/Kodi experience?

Smart TV Boxes running Android are much more frequent nowadays than when we started this website, with new ones coming every day. Today I’m reviewing the CR13, a quad core Android box that supports Ultra HD (4K) video. I’ve been using the CR11/s android box for exactly a year now, from the exact same company.


XBMC unstable on your Android box? This might be the hardware acceleration settings, here’s how to fix it

I was recently sent a CR13 Android Set top box for testing. The device ships with the latest RK3288 CPU from Rockchip. This CPU has very good hardware acceleration to play HD movies, and works flawlessly with XBMC, even on the most demanding videos. However, with XBMC’s default settings, I had stability issues: videos would


External players support (MX player, etc…) fix for XBMC on Android: perfect HD with no compromise

This is a fix for external player support on the latest Android version of XBMC. This fixes the possibility to run MX Player on the latest Gotham build. Not interested in the technical details? Scroll to the bottom of the article for the download link. I’ve mentioned before that one of the great things about


How to: XBMC with perfect HD (1080p) support on Android (mk802 III)

Update: I created an updated version of this article with a more recent build, you probably want to check it out now: Important note: The following tutorial should work on any android device. Although we tested on a specific model below, we would love your feedback if it works fine (or not) with your

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