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  • How to: XBMC with perfect HD (1080p) support on Android (mk802 III)

    Update: I created an updated version of this article with a more recent build, you probably want to check it out now: http://makesmarttv.net/external-players-support-mx-player-etc-fix-for-xbmc-on-android-perfect-hd-with-no-compromise/ Important note: The following tutorial should work on any android device. Although we tested on a specific model below, we would love your feedback if it works fine (or not) with your […]

  • Make any Android dongle a Chromecast with this awesome app

    A few weeks ago when Chromecast was released, I claimed that the device in itself was not revolutionary, only the DIAL protocol was. You can read about it here. Sebastian Mauer, the creator of the Cheapcast Android app, proves me right. Several weeks ago, I said, and I quote: I don’t really see what would […]