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One last step, and I’ll ditch Netflix in favor of Amazon Instant Video

We’ve written not so long ago an article name How Amazon Instant Video is slowly but surely getting better than Netflix. Today, Amazon added free music streaming to their prime offer, making the service even more attractive than ever. There’s one remaining tiny step for Amazon to take before I ditch Netflix…

First of all, what has changed since our last comparison of Amazon vs Netflix?

Well, for starters, Amazon Prime price has increased, from $79 a year to $99 a year. This makes it equivalent to Netflix’s $96 a year, but the Story doesn’t stop here: Netflix have also announced a price increase of $1 a month, bumping the yearly price to $108. Yes, Netflix is still more expensive than Amazon Prime.

In the meantime, both companies have been building up on their offering, creating original series, but also securing new deals with content producers. Probably the most interesting deal recently is that HBO’s back catalog has been added to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members can stream pretty much every major HBO hit (except Game of Thrones!) for free. Now, given that this contains major successes such as The Sopranos or Rome, that’s a massive point in favor of Amazon.

The addition of a free music streaming library is just icing on the cake at this point, not to mention the perks if you are a Kindle owner (one free ebook every month, etc…). Oh, also free shipping if you order physical goods in the US. I’m not even a US resident and the Amazon Prime offer looks awesome to me!

On all aspects today, Amazon Prime is a much better deal than Netflix, and I am now strongly considering ditching my Netflix subscription. There is only one last point that Amazon needs to handle before I do the switch:

Android support for Amazon Instant Video.

As crazy as it sounds, Amazon does not yet support Android for their Video Streaming service. It’s even crazier than it sounds, given that their own hardware division (the Kindle and Fire TV) run on a modified version of Android!

Sources tell me this is coming, very soon. When this happens, I will not see the need to keep a Netflix subscription.

Many people still have doubts about Amazon Prime. They have a 1 month free Trial (affiliate link) that people can use to get their own idea on the service.

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  1. wdawd

    I think the most important feature we want to know about in this service is the only one Netflix does not give to Europeans: access from European countries.

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