How to fix “Unfortunately, the Process android.process acore has stopped” on MK802 Android devices

You might have ran into the same issue as me on your MK802 or MK802 III device, where it starts showing an error saying “Unfortunately, the Process android.process.acore has stopped”.

Once this starts happening, that error doesn’t seem to impact the normal operations of the device (at least not video), but sadly the error pops up quite regularly. It also associates to another message “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped” every time you switch applications.

Some people have suggested to go to Settings > Apps > Running , and to force stop the “google services” app, which works for a little while, but it seems that service restarts automatically regularly, so the error appears again after a few hours.

The long term solution which was suggested to me and that I confirmed to work, is to update the Firmware to the latest version. Thankfully, updating the firmware  is dead simple, I explain how it’s done here.

Updating my MK802 III o the latest firmware was a 5 minutes process and got rid of the “android.process.acore has stopped” error for me!






5 responses to “How to fix “Unfortunately, the Process android.process acore has stopped” on MK802 Android devices”

  1. albert boakye Avatar

    I always have the inscription android.process.acore please help me solve this problem

    1. aneesh Avatar

      my contacts not open in my mobile unexpectedly force close

  2. Munir Hassan Avatar

    Whenever I want to save a new contact in my device it fails and it shows me force close.please help

  3. muneer othman Avatar
    muneer othman

    pls. ihave th brpblem on my htc onex tha android.process.acore
    and the keyboard ,camera.names and calls dont work

  4. a Avatar

    Look. It happened to me and drove me crazy. I was about to brick my new mobile phone. In my case it was the “Moon call log” icon on the home screen. Believe it or not when I remove the icon the error message no more appears when I restart the mobile phone. Then again when I place it (the icon on home screen) the annoying error message “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped” will comeback again. In your case it could be any icon or widget.

    I solved the problem by uninstalling the application and installing it back from Play Store unlike what I did before by installing it from the .apk file.