Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a MK802IV (Quad Core Mini PC)

We’ve been around for quite a while now thanks to you guys who visit this site regularly, and it’s time for us to give back. We’re having a simple contest to let one of you win Rikomagic’s latest Quad core Mini PC, the MK802 IV.

The MK802 IV is an extremely advanced mini PC with an HDMI port, that you can plug into your TV to turn it into a Smart TV. This gives you access to everything you’d have on a smart TV (Netflix, Twitter, gmail, facebook, youtube, spotify,…) and even more (you can pretty much the device to do anything you’d do with a computer, that includes using it as an ftp server, or a bittorrent client, …)

You can check our review of the MK802 IV here.

To get a chance to win, nothing complicated to do: follow us on twitter (@MakeSmartTV), and Retweet the tweet about this contest, here. In two weeks, we will then choose a random winner and send them the device.

A few details:

  • We will announce the winner around June the 30th
  • If you win, and happen to prefer a MK802 III, or a Tronsmart MK908, we can arrange something 🙂
  • Given some legal restrictions, we will only be able to send the prize to a US address.






One response to “Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a MK802IV (Quad Core Mini PC)”

  1. reuven margolis Avatar
    reuven margolis

    i like mk802 very useful mini pc i like to have this for my kids rikomagic the best company