How to make your TV a Smart TV. Reviews and Tutorials 

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How Amazon Instant Video is slowly but surely getting better than Netflix

If you asked people what video streaming service they were using 2 years ago, you would probably have mostly heard Netflix and Hulu. Today, it seems to me the  competition has shifted. When I ask people around me, the new answers I get are Netflix, Hulu, and… Amazon Instant Video. Am I biased? According to


Review: Cloudnetgo CR9, Quad Core Android Mini PC

The cloudnetgo cr9 is a Mini Android PC on a stick. For those who join us for the first time, these are super tiny PCs that you plug to your TV’s HDMI port in order to transform your dumb TV into a smart TV. As these sticks run Android, you basically get access to all


How to watch Netflix in Europe, on iPad or any other device

Netflix is by far the most successful streaming website in the US, and for a good reason: they have lots of content, a very reasonable monthly fee, and their service works on pretty much every electronic device in my home except my Roomba. The only “issue” with Netflix is that it’s only available in the

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