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Netflix too slow? New data indicates a VPN or DNS Redirector could improve your Netflix experience significantly

If you’ve seen a drop in performance on your Netflix subscription recently, you’re not the only one. With more and more customers, as well as ongoing disputes around Net neutrality between Netflix and the main ISPs, it is now believed that ISPs such as Comcast or Verizon might be intentionally slowing Netflix traffic down. The symptoms


10 Essential Apps for your Android Smart TV (2014 Edition)

Around the same time last year I wrote a suggestions of 10 “must-have” apps for Android Smart TV  (a.k.a Android dongles used to make your TV a smart TV – that includes the MK802 III which we reviewed here). The article was extremely popular, and, although the suggestions are still valid, I feel like it


XBox One: Watch Netflix from outside the US (Europe, Asia, Canada, etc…)

If you’ve bought an Xbox One and live in Canada, Europe, or anywhere outside of the US, you are probably frustrated that services such as Netflix are not available for non US residents. Thankfully you don’t have to live in the US to be able to watch Netflix, as we will share here a way

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