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5 (realistic) things Netflix could do today to get even better

Netflix is by far the most used streaming service used in North America, and they are spreading fast into other countries. For those of you who don’t have the chance to live in a country where Netflix is available yet, techniques exist to watch US Netflix from any country. Netflix is incredibly good, it has


Review: Cloudnet Go CR11/S – Quad Core android TV Box

The Cloudnet Go CR11/S is one of the many Quad Core TV Boxes available out there, running Android. I’ve stated several times that those cheap low-consumption computers are the best way to make a Smart TV out of your dumb TV. I’ve reviewed several of these quad cores in the past (including the MK802 IV


External players support (MX player, etc…) fix for XBMC on Android: perfect HD with no compromise

This is a fix for external player support on the latest Android version of XBMC. This fixes the possibility to run MX Player on the latest Gotham build. Not interested in the technical details? Scroll to the bottom of the article for the download link. I’ve mentioned before that one of the great things about

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