How to make your TV a Smart TV. Reviews and Tutorials 

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Review: VidOn Box – An Android XBMC box at a great price, with some promising features

I was sent the VidOn box for a review a few weeks ago. I must apologize to the people at VidOn here for the time it took me to get to this review, as the box reached my place almost 2 weeks ago. There are literally hundreds of TV set top boxes on the market


10 awesome movies & shows available on Netflix Canada, that you wish you had on Netflix US

Yesterday I wanted to watch Netflix Canada because I wanted to show “Batman : The animated series” to my young son. A quick change in my unblock-us settings, and we were watching the show on my PS4. I have been regularly switching to Netflix France recently, because my son enjoys “Tintin”, and because Netflix France


Review: UnoTelly (smart DNS service to unlock geo restrictions)

People reading this blog are probably already familiar with smart DNS services, and geo restrictions in general. For those who are not, let’s summarize: Many streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant video, etc… are restricted to specific regions (very often, but not only, the US). If you are not physically present in these

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