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Got a new PS4 but you live outside of the US? Here’s how you can access American Netflix

If you’ve bought a PS4 and live in Canada, Europe, or anywhere outside of the US, you are probably frustrated that services such as Netflix  are not available for non US residents. There exists simple ways to get around these restrictions, and to watch Netflix without having to live in the US. Several people will


How to watch American Netflix on your Playstation Vita in any country

Netflix is one of the best streaming services out there. sadly, it’s only available in a limited number of countries, and only has a really good catalog in the US. Netflix does checks on your IP address to verify that you are in the US and allowed to access it. Several services exist to let


Watch Netflix on the Nexus 5 in any country (Europe, Australia,…)

PS3 owners: check our article on how to Watch Netflix outside of the US from any ps3 iPad/iPhone owners: check our article on how to watch Netflix in Europe for the iPad Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD owners: check our article on how to stream Netflix outside the US from your Kindle Disclaimer: the Unblock-US links

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