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Watch Netflix outside of the US: how to setup Unblock-US on your Android Smart TV

PS3 owners: check our article on how to Watch Netflix outside of the US from any ps3 Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD owners: check our article on how to stream Netflix outside the US from your Kindle Disclaimer: the Unblock-US links in this article are affiliate links. I am however one of their genuine satisfied customers


Watching Netflix outside of the US: comparison of Unblock-US with a traditional VPN

Note: This article is comparing the performance of Unblock-US versus a traditional VPN to watch Netflix outside of the US. If you are looking for a tutorial to set up Unblock-US on your device, check this page. A while ago we suggested that people who live outside of the US should get a VPN, in


Your computer on a stick crashes a lot? Your A/C adapter might be the cause

Since we started advocating for the MK802 III on this blog a few months ago, we’ve been receiving tons of great feedback about the device. People use this computer on a stick not only to watch HD movies, but also as an FTP server, as a dedicated game machine, etc… The MK802 III is really

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